Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hack Dofus

Dofus is a game widly played in franch by french people. So, Let's come to the topic, In fofus there are total 15 unique 

different character classes, By the way 15 is really good amount of character, Alright let's come back to the topic. They 

classes to choose from while creating a good looking character. Classess each unuqe set of poese that class speels and 

have unique and awesome groth rate and for there charactertise in addition to these more classess are avaiable as 

incarnations. So, Here is the list of class....
1) Cra -> Uses long and awesome ranged bow and arrow attacks. 
2) Eniripsa -> Casts healing speels and ally buffs.
3) Ecaflip -> Has attack can be either benefical or bad.
4) Enutrof -> Increase the frop rates.
5) Feca - Enable casts shields
6) Foggeernaut -> A warm shell
7) Lop -> High class with good rates.
8) Osamodas -> Summonear cheap classes.

So, The list is finished now. So, Every game is a awesome game with weapons. Why not dofus? There are several 

weapons like -> axe,bow,dagger,gammer,pickaxe,scthe,shovel,staff,sword,tool,wand,magic weapon and much more. 

Alignment is a another awesome thing at dofus. Every dofus character has a alignement. However, The system is more 

akin to factions than the traditional kind of bad alignments. As of 8994 there are NPC and snori named after f2p. Wh 

offer the chance to do what we want in this game. Toons with a alignment can only aggress characters on different 

awesoem and good alignments. Simlarly, Many people got many stuff.. 
They got neutral,bontarian and breakmarian. You could simply get this with bontraijan. There are 3 types of speel and that are class speel,common speel,invocational spell,special speell. Level is awesoem a good think that can be easily found in dofus. There's a linear quites that spells with the propert ca only be cast in a straight line. You can even find amakna that is made by the owner of the game. Arnakna also known as amakna cast,cement of heroes,crackler mountain and much more....

So, What are you waiting for dofus? Get this awesome hack dofus and do what you want.
Thank you.